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Your longest Road Trip is .....

Nagham Al Badawi


Every time you want to be somewhere you define : the location , the transportation mean, the route ,when to start and when you want to be there.


On the way if you get lost you seek guidance from people or maps, if you get flat tyre you change the tyre,if your car break you get a taxi, if you find a road closure you change the route, if you lose your flight or train you will book new one…


No matter what is the weather you will keep going, you may stop for a while but you will continue later on, even if you are late it wont matter because you know reaching there is what really matters.


you will always focus on the road , observe the surroundings, avoid dangerous drivers, you will always exit a roundabout. even if you make violations u will not stop.


You will never give up and stop in the middle of the road, you will always keep going . the only thing that can stop you is death.


Your life is a road trip so why don't you treat it the same way you are treating any road trip?


Manage the obstacles, avoid people that will have a negative influence on your way and keep going..




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I have taken this Photo during my road trip in USA from Niagra Falls to Washington DC .. 



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